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How to Choose the Best Cabinet Finish

July 30, 2018

The best cabinet finish is the one that makes you think, “I can’t believe this is my kitchen.” That’s how you should feel when you complete a home renovation and invest in new cabinetry, but it’s even better when that feeling lasts. That’s why durability is arguably one of the top features to look for in a cabinet finish.

A cabinet finish that’s easy to clean and wows guests would also be great. Plus, it should complement your floors nicely. With all there is to think about, choosing a cabinet finish can start to seem like a monumental decision.

We can help you organize your options.

Choose the Best Cabinet Finish

Why Choose Paint

Paint and stain are your two basic options when it comes to cabinet finishing. Paint offers a clean, uniform look. It is usually recommended for smooth woods like maple, since the slight bumps of the wood grain are unlikely to show through. You have unlimited control over the final look, since you can mix any paint color you like.

One of the downsides to paint is that bumps and dents show up more than they do on a natural wood finish. Since wood contracts and expands with the weather, it might show its age faster when painted as well.

Why Go with Stain?

If you choose your cabinetry wood with a purpose, painting it would be criminal. Staining will bring out the natural grain that you long to see, and will add depth and dimension. Your cabinets will look unique, since no wood grain is ever the same.

One of the drawbacks is that you have fewer color options, since stain is more limited than paint.

Should You Add a Glaze?

Applying a glaze after either a paint or stain can add another level of aesthetic interest to the finish. Glazes usually have a pigment, but they are either transparent or semi-transparent. Since they are applied by hand with great care, it adds to the final investment, but it can improve to the surface’s durability.

Make Your Cabinets Your Own

You probably looked at plenty of models and catalogs before selecting the materials for your custom cabinets. But it’s the cabinet finish that matters, and you have the freedom to make your new design your own with the help of the experienced team at Swirl Woodcraft. We’re proud of our wide variety of work samples and our ability to create new designs. Talk to us about what you’re picturing for your cabinetry and we will make it a reality.