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Traditional Cabinets vs. Modern Cabinets

August 7, 2018

Traditional cabinets and modern cabinets offer drastically different looks for your kitchen. If you’re due for new cabinets, the style you choose will have a big impact on your kitchen.
If you’re unsure about which cabinetry you prefer, consider the benefits of each style before making your decision.

Traditional Cabinets vs. Modern Cabinets

What to Know about Traditional Cabinets

Traditional cabinets are often called “Old World style.” They tend to be darker, heavier and thicker than sleek, modern styles.
They’re designed for a relaxed, comfortable environment that doesn’t only endure wear and tear, but embraces it. People who enjoy rustic farmhouses tend to lean toward traditional kitchens.

The traditional look is often simple. Cabinets are made of wood like cherry, maple, white oak or walnut. They feature subtle carved designs or textures — nothing bold or unexpected. Doors usually have sturdy doorknobs or handles. Shelves are thick and practical.
People often associate traditional styles with old homes. But interior design methods make recreating traditional styles easy in newer homes, too.
Homeowners tend to maintain the same theme throughout the room or house, so if you choose traditional cabinets, you may want to stick with that look in other areas. If you change your mind down the road, don’t worry. They update easily with finishes or stains that refresh your kitchen without renovation costs or work.
Ultimately, for homeowners who prefer a timeless look, traditional cabinets are the way to go.

Why Modern Cabinets Work

Modern cabinets are the trendiest options on the market right now. Many people want bright, spacious kitchens, and cabinet choice contributes to style.
Unlike traditional cabinets, contemporary options are sleek and edgy. While some are made of wood, most are created from glass, metal or a mix of materials.
Open shelving is popular right now, and it’s as modern and chic as it gets. The bare shelves show off plates, mugs and cups. Open shelves are perfect for creative types to add decor like books and plants for a design-centric look.

Modern cabinets contrast traditional cabinets with white or light natural wood stain. The wood is typically narrow and delicate, unlike traditional, bulkier cabinets and shelving.

Like traditional cabinets, modern cabinets are here to stay, so you don’t need to be concerned that the trend will fade and leave you with an outdated kitchen. Modern cabinets boost kitchen appeal and increase home value.

Which Is Better?

Both options are long-lasting, beautiful and great for your home’s value. The decision ultimately comes down to how either style would look with the rest of your kitchen and your whole house.
Once you decide which route to take, call or email our trusted team of professionals at Swirl Woodcraft. We install both traditional cabinets and modern cabinets and would love to answer your questions and work with you.