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Increasing Space and Storage Through Cabinet Installation

April 14, 2020

There are numerous elements that may play a role in a kitchen remodel, and one of the most common is space. Every kitchen remodel is done with slightly differing space qualities and requirements, and those performing them must think carefully about spatial concerns when designing and completing these jobs.

At Swirl Woodcraft, we’re happy to offer a wide variety of custom kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and other woodworking products to help define space and storage considerations for several rooms and remodels in your home. Many homeowners are specifically looking to maximize their cabinet and related storage space during their remodel – here are a few specific products or add-ons we can recommend to assist you down these lines.

space storage cabinet installation

Floor-Level Cabinets

In many cases, homeowners planning out their kitchen remodel tend to focus on traditional cabinet placement. This is eye level or slightly below – many of our most commonly-used items will go in these cabinets, naturally, as they’re easiest to access.

However, maximizing your space during a remodel means also thinking about other height levels for their installation. One such theme is floor-level cabinets, which often fill space that isn’t being used for anything else – they can be placed both in traditional cabinet areas and on kitchen islands with ease. Floor-level cabinets are great for storing items or products you perhaps use less frequently, such as a crock pot or your family’s stock of bottled water. Particularly for individuals or families who use the kitchen to store several long-term items or themes, this is a great approach.

Above-Stove and Above-Fridge Themes

Down similar lines, look for ways to infuse cabinetry into higher areas of the kitchen that make practical sense. One common area utilized here is above the stove – these are usually shorter cabinets, meaning they’re often ideal for things like boxed foods and related items.

Another good option here is to utilize the space above the fridge. Many leave this area bare, but you can utilize it for uncommon item storage as long as at least one person in the home can reach that high.

Adjustable Shelving

Another great theme to consider if storage is a top priority while installing new cabinets is adjustable shelving, such as pullout shelves we offer on all our cabinets. Adjustable shelves come in several different formats, all of which help you arrange the space in intelligent ways to allow your valued items to be stored and retrieved easily. You might be shocked just how much additional storage space you can drum up by using adjustable shelves, helping the kitchen seem larger and also improving functionality.

For more on how to increase space and storage in your kitchen with proper cabinet installation themes, or to learn about any of our custom cabinetry or woodworking, speak to the staff at Swirl Woodcraft today.