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Themes and Tips for Periodic Medicine Cabinet Cleaning

March 10, 2020

In addition to the finest custom kitchen cabinets you’ll find in Utah, we at Swirl Woodcraft are proud to offer several other custom woodworking items, including bathroom vanities. We create beautiful traditional vanities, modern vanities and even rustic vanities for you to choose from, all with high-quality materials meant to stand the test of time.

We know bathrooms are not only a sanctuary for many people, but also a central location for self-care and even health areas. Specifically, the vanity and commonly-attached medicine cabinets are vital locations for several materials, from medications and vital ointments to various beauty and other products. With this in mind, here are a few tips our pros can offer on periodic cleaning of your medicine cabinet – why it’s valuable, plus some basic approaches to take.

themes medicine cabinet cleaning

Benefits of Cleaning a Medicine Cabinet

The simplest and most obvious benefit of cleaning your medicine cabinet regularly is to remove clutter and keep things organized. Especially for those who store medications or other healthcare products in these spaces, being able to access them easily – without any potential confusion or mix-ups – is very important.

To get a bit more specific here, though, many such medications require specific conditions for storage. Such conditions tend to include cool and dark locations, plus those that are not overly humid, as this may damage the medication. In these cases, it’s vital that medicine cabinets be kept in order so that too many items don’t accidentally force them to remain slightly ajar – this might allow humidity or light in that will damage the medication. This is a practical reason why it’s important to keep your cabinet cleared so it stays properly closed at all times.

Expired Items

Another simple area to observe during your medicine cabinet cleanout is getting rid of any items that have expired, whether we’re talking about medications or others. Expired medications or supplements can be dangerous to take in some cases, while products like lotions or cosmetics often build up fungi or bacteria if they’re left to sit past expiration.

A note here: When disposing of any such items, be sure to do so safely. If you have children or pets, be sure you dispose of potentially hazardous items in areas they cannot access, such as your outdoor trash bin.

Keeping Essentials

During this same process, take stock of the items you truly need versus those you can be rid of. For instance, even the most decluttered medicine cabinet will still likely contain toothpaste and a toothbrush.

For more on cleaning a bathroom vanity medicine cabinet, or to learn about any of our kitchen cabinets or other products, speak to the staff at Swirl Woodcraft today.