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Kitchen Remodel Items to Avoid for ROI Purposes

February 11, 2020

At Swirl Woodcraft, value is one of our chief tenets for all of our custom kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and various other woodworking projects. We’ve helped numerous clients remodel one or more areas of their home in ways that add not only beauty and aesthetics, but also great return-on-investment for those who have home value atop their minds.

Part of this process includes advising our clients on various elements of the remodel, from our high-value products to many others you might be considering during this process. Let’s take a standard kitchen remodel to use as an example: While many of the common errors you’ll hear about when it comes to such a remodel have to do with themes or avoiding cheap products, there are also a few that relate to the selection of certain specific additions to the kitchen space. Today’s blog will detail a few kitchen remodeling themes or items that, while you may desire them, generally don’t hold good ROI and should be avoided in favor of more direct-value items like cabinets.

kitchen remodel items avoid roi

Wine Fridge

For those who regularly imbibe and like to enjoy cooled wine somewhat often, the wine refrigerator may seem like a great convenience item. And while it’s true that such a fridge could indeed make your wine experience simpler and more convenient, many real estate professionals would strongly recommend against this addition if home value is a priority for you.

Why? Well, primarily because such a fridge takes up major space that could be used for other purposes, namely storage. Storage is a theme homebuyers tend to prioritize heavily – by comparison, only a tiny fraction of buyers will have any interest in a wine fridge. Unless you plan to live in this home for the long-term future, consider more high-value options like cabinets or countertops.

Pot Filler

For starters, one of the chief reasons we recommend against a pot filler installation is the price tag it tends to come with. If your home does not have the proper plumbing connections – and many homes don’t – these will have to be installed on top of the actual filler, an enormously expensive project.

And when it comes to recouping this value later on? Good luck. Just like a wine fridge, only a small segment of buyers will have real interest in a pot filler, and those who don’t will view it as a waste of space and water that actually could lower your home value.

Window Additions

Finally, especially if your budget is on the smaller end for your remodel, new windows are an extremely expensive item you might be best avoiding. Consider new window treatments instead if you’re looking to change up the way your windows look.

For more on the kinds of kitchen remodeling items we might recommend you avoid if home value is a top priority, or to learn about any of our custom woodworking products, speak to the staff at Swirl Woodcraft today.