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Kitchen Design Remodels for ROI

May 29, 2015

Kitchen Design Remodel

You’ll see kitchen design remodels, renovations, updates and tricks on nearly any HGTV show you watch. After all, the kitchen is the central nervous system of the home, and the place where a lot of great memories are made. It’s where you make holiday cookies, create delectable dishes, work on homework, unwind and cook a meal for your promising paramour. You can show off your skills here and your tastes — it’s no wonder kitchen remodels are the first stop for any designer.

For a relatively small space (although they are getting bigger!), kitchens pack a lot of punch. Considering the amount of real estate involved, some kitchen design updates can be quite costly. In fact, cabinets are an expensive item in any home. They can also instantly transform a kitchen, making it look dated if the wrong design, color or hardware is chosen. When you’re updating your kitchen, you want a design that gives you the most bang for your buck.

Here are the most impactful kitchen design remodels for the highest return on investment:

  • Cabinets: Yes, these are the most expensive updates you can make, but you get what you pay for. Custom wood cabinets can last a lifetime, and if the right wood is selected, they’re easy to sand and stain or paint over and over again. A simple update is swapping out the hardware. Show your quirky side with easy-to-remove shelf liners.
  • Island: Every kitchen deserves an island. They’re critical for open floor plans and give you much-needed extra counter space. Go with a natural stone, as long as it’s sealed. Granite is the most popular option, perhaps because it’s well known. Consider quartz with a wooden base or a 100 percent wooden island for a real show-stopper.
  • Appliances: Some kitchen appliances work 24/7, like your refrigerator. They can be major energy sucks or help you lower your bills drastically. You can update appliances one at a time to save money, but start with the ones you use the most. Stainless steel is always a safe bet and can instantly update the look of any kitchen.
  • Flooring: Vinyl flooring is one of the best solutions for a kitchen. It can look like virtually anything and is much higher quality than vinyl floors of yore. Plus, it requires zero maintenance, is water- and heat-resistant, and is much more affordable than natural stone or wood.
  • Countertops: Don’t stop at the kitchen island. Replacing all the countertops with gorgeous stone works beautifully with wooden cabinets. Plus, if you choose a neutral color, it will carry through all the trends and you may not need another update.

Your kitchen design tells your guests who you are. For a customized look on any budget, contact Swirl Woodcraft and let the kitchen design experts go to work for you.