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Bath Vanity Trends to Watch

April 17, 2015

Bath Vanity

Installing new bath vanities or renovating existing ones can be a challenge. Homeowners who want to increase the value of their property for an impending sale need to know what the market wants. Fortunately, surveys, trends and conferences are brimming with this kind of data. Additionally, homeowners who plan to stay put are also benefitting from knowing what’s trending because it’s a veritable idea goldmine. Some people don’t know what they want until they see it (or read about it).

According to HGTV experts and the president of The Appraisal Institute, a professional association of real estate appraisers, one of the biggest trends in bathroom vanities now is mixing quality woods with natural stones. Both of these materials are natural, can be locally sourced and are highly durable. While natural stone, often utilized as a slab on top, cannot be easily modified in the future, the wood aspects can. Painting, sanding, staining and employing other strategies can make the majority of vanities look entirely different as tastes change.

Keep Them Separated

It is not just dual sinks that are trending, but completely separate vanities as well. This is a must in master bathroom suites, according to numerous surveys, especially if two people share a bathroom and have different habits. One person might not care for the messiness of the other, and it’s simply easier to have “your” bathroom items kept separately. There is no such thing as too much storage, and that goes double (literally) in the bathroom.

The third big trend is vanities that mimic the look of furniture. This is a pretty simple approach when considering high-quality vanities, since they actually are furniture. Today’s modern vanities would not look out of place in the dining room or living room, which means they can serve multiple functions should the homeowner decide to redecorate down the road. Most vanities are being ordered or customized in darker colors, including sable and black.

The Real Vanity Fair

Finally, respondents said that using space wisely is at the top of their priority list when choosing a vanity. People have a lot of toiletries, medicines and other items that are small and easy to lose. Vanities with built-in dividers, a plethora of drawers and ones that carefully hide electrical outlets while allowing access for styling tools are coveted.

Keeping an eye on trends is a good idea, but it shouldn’t overshadow personal preferences. Homeowners who dream of a vanity painted pastel purple can have exactly what they want—built to suit—when customization is available. Swirl Woodcraft builds quality custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets for customers in and around Salt Lake City, Utah. Call them today to find out what type of vanity will inject new life into your bathroom.