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Welcome to Utah’s Premier Custom Cabinetry Experts

March 25, 2015

Custom Cabinetry

Swirl Woodcraft custom cabinetry is Salt Lake City’s premier woodcrafter. Specializing in the customization, creation, installation and care of all your wood products from cabinets to vanities and everything in between, nothing compares to the beauty and durability of a personalized wood piece. There are a variety of woods available, and customers can depend on the expertise of a Swirl Woodcraft professional to select the best wood for your dream project.

Kitchen Cabinets

Many Salt Lake City residents choose Swirl Woodcraft because of our reputation for stunning kitchen cabinetry. There are three major styles: Traditional, modern and rustic. The style of your kitchen sets the mood for dinner parties, intimate home cooked meals and special events, such as baking birthday cakes or putting together an annual family potluck. While these three staple styles encompass a variety of designs and detailing, homeowners are encouraged to tap into their own creativity and preferences when working with an expert to design their dream kitchen.

Bath Vanities

Similar to the kitchen, bathrooms and washrooms are also high traffic areas. These should be rooms of respite, relaxation and pampering. Creating a wooden bath vanity that perfectly suits your needs and tastes can turn “just another room” into a genuine sanctuary. Also available in traditional, modern and rustic styling, there are options to complement any décor or architecture. In bathrooms, kitchens and everywhere else in the home, there’s no such thing as too much beauty—or too much storage. Only with one of a kind, premium quality wooden solutions can you enjoy exactly what you need down to the type of wood, stain, paint and detailing.

Throughout the Home

Cabinetry is the star of Swirl Woodcraft, but there are so many more options on the table—starting with custom tables. A handcrafted table, whether a dining table or an accent piece, is an instant heirloom. Carved fireplace mantels provide a unique focal point for one of the most popular rooms in any home. Wine cellars, designed to your specifications, turn the lower level of any home into a prime entertainment hotspot. From hutches to libraries, bookcases to home entertainment centers, having beloved hand carved pieces in a house is what makes it into a home.

Discover what Swirl Woodcraft can do for you and your home. Rich, durable woods aren’t just a show-stopping material, but also one of the best ways to increase the value of a home.