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Utilizing Custom Cabinets Throughout the Home

June 10, 2019

At Swirl Woodcraft, we’re proud to offer not only a wide range of beautiful kitchen cabinets, but also numerous additional custom woodworking projects. If you have a wood-themed design in mind for any part of your home, our cabinet makers and woodworking professionals are here to help you realize it.

One area that sits somewhere in between these two poles: Utilizing our quality cabinetry for areas other than the kitchen or bathroom, by far the two most common locations where cabinets are generally found in a home. These aren’t the only home areas where cabinets can be valuable, though – here are a few others you might consider.

utilizing custom cabinets throughout home

Dining Room

As long as you keep things classy and tasteful, you can carry over your kitchen’s cabinet design into areas of the dining room as well. In some cases, homeowners performing a remodel will purposely extend their theme in precisely this way for an aesthetic effect.

In addition to the visual, these cabinets can be highly practical. They’re perfect for storing fine china, pitchers, serving trays and even wine glasses you might not want to mix in with the clutter of the standard kitchen. If you have enough space, you can also utilize these cabinets for alcohol storage for hosting guests.


Finished basements are a popular remodeling project these days, and cabinetry can contribute to the space here in several ways. They’re once again both functional and beneficial from an aesthetic standpoint, helping hold things like movies or video games if you’re using the basement as a kids’ chill room. In other cases, cabinets can serve as vital elements of a converted living space in the basement. By matching them with surrounding walls and floor designs, you’ll have a great-looking and highly functional space.

Laundry Room

You may care a bit less about the aesthetics of your laundry room, but cabinets can be a huge practical draw here as well. They’re great for storing everything from detergent and dryer sheets to various other chemicals – even those that are used in other areas of the home, but you want to prevent access to from pets or children. Many people create an area in their laundry room where they store all their major chemical cleaners, far away from prying hands or paws.


The home’s entryway is the transition between the outdoor and indoor spaces, and cabinets can play multiple roles here. They’re great for storage of shoes, boots and other similar pieces, plus can offer a great place for kids to leave their backpacks or school books. In higher areas, you can also leave storage space for your keys, purse, jacket or other items.

Home Office

Finally, if you’re someone who works from home often or keeps a home office, cabinets are highly valuable in these spaces. They bring a professional atmosphere while also providing you simple storage solutions for any documents, files or other materials.

For more on how our cabinets can be used all over the home, or to learn about any of our kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities, speak to the staff at Swirl Woodcraft today.