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Why Choose Quality Natural Wood Cabinetry

September 5, 2022

Why Choose Quality Natural Wood Cabinetry

When considering a build or remodel, the options for cabinetry can feel overwhelming. There are many great products on the market, which makes it difficult to narrow down exactly what you want. Swirl Woodcraft is Utah’s premier custom cabinetry company, and we are passionate about quality wood cabinetry in our community’s homes. Here are some great reasons to choose a timeless, natural wood cabinet option for your design:

Feel the Warmth

Natural wood cabinets bring a beautiful warmth to an area. Kitchens especially contain a great deal of metal, glass, and enamel materials and products, which can make the area feel cold and sterile. Natural wood cabinets bring a warm and inviting feel to any space, welcoming in your family and guests to the space.

They Go with Everything

No matter your style choice or design goals, natural wood cabinets will deliver what you want, with rich hues and an added depth and texture. Natural wood cabinets complement any style, color, and appliance. There are many wood varieties and finishing options to consider ensuring everything coordinates perfectly with the look you are going for. Swirl Woodcraft’s team can help you through the design process to ensure your ideas work well together.

They Last a Lifetime

Thermofoil, metal, or laminate cabinets are great for some settings, but they will come and go out of style in residential project. Quality, natural wood cabinets are a timeless choice. In addition to style, they are durable and easy to maintain. They won’t get damaged from the heavy use in the kitchen and with a quality finish, they will resist drips and spills. When you install wood cabinetry, you are guaranteed a strong, beautiful product showcased for the entire life of the home.

Easy to Refinish or Repair

If damages or accidents occur, repairing wood cabinetry is very achievable. Unlike other materials, wood can be stripped, sanded, smoothed, and refinished to look brand new again. You can also stain and re-stain wood to create a completely different look if you want an update down the road. If you start with a high-quality wood, repairing and refinishing the wood will be possible throughout the entire lifespan of the cabinetry.

High Quality, High Value

Wood cabinetry is considered a high-value item. Guests will notice the investment and so will potential buyers in the future. Realtors and appraisers will value your home higher if the kitchen is constructed with high-quality cabinetry. The kitchen is usually considered the heart of a home and it’s not the place to skimp. Bathrooms are the second most important item in the home when it comes to value. You won’t regret putting more money into cabinetry when investing in your home.

When it comes to the cabinets in your home, it’s important to take some extra time to consider your long-term goals. Natural wood cabinets are a wise choice for anyone wanting a product that will not only withstand the wear and tear over the years in your home, but also look amazing through all that use.