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7 Popular Wood Choices for Cabinets

October 3, 2022

7 Popular Wood Choices for Cabinets

You want the cabinetry in your home to last a lifetime. This means the decision of style and material should not be made in haste. When it comes to wood options, there are many great choices, but we’ve narrowed it down to these seven stand-out options. Let’s check them out:

  1. Oak – Oak is probably the most popular wood option for cabinetry, and rightfully so. It’s cost effective, easy to find, durable, and looks great painted or in a variety of stains. You can choose between red oaks, which vary from a red-brown tone to wheat shades, or white oaks, which are generally a little more grayish than white.
  2. Pine – Pine is an economical choice and is one of the easiest hardwoods to get your hands on. It adds a lovely rustic look to a space and ages nicely. It can nick fairly easily, so that’s important to consider when choosing pine for your cabinets. It also resists moisture well and won’t swell in humid environments, making them especially useful in bathrooms.
  3. Maple – Maple is a gorgeous option and comes with a bit higher price tag. It shows paint beautifully and holds stain well. It’s a common option due to its durability and versatility. It is also widely available and shows a white/off-white tone with a straight, even textures.
  4. Cherry – Cherry is a more expensive option because it’s highly durable and is easy to work with. A unique trait of cherry is that it gets darker the more sun it gets, giving it an artistic and rich feel. Many opt for cherry because of the richness of the darker wood that is difficult to achieve with stains on other, less expensive woods.
  5. Hickory – Hickory is the most durable of all these options, resisting nicks, cracks, and possible moisture damage. There is a wide selection of colors from light to dark, which makes it a popular choice due to its versatility as well. It also consists of a strong grain texture, providing an appealing visual treat.
  6. Alder – Alder is a little softer than oak or maple, but it’s still considered a hardwood. It’s more common in western states because it grows primarily in the Pacific Northwest. It is easy to work with but requires extra care when staining to ensure an even finish. This is because of Alder’s natural “knottiness.” It provides a smooth and uniform look, but it isn’t quite as durable as these other options.
  7. Paint Grade – If you’re certain that you are going to paint your cabinets, you can opt for a MDF panel with a poplar wood frame. Poplar for frames is common with painted cabinets because it holds paint extremely well and it’s an affordable option. The MDF panels ensure an extra smooth finish.

The type of wood you choose for any project in your home from kitchen cabinets to bookcases or hutches will be a major factor in the longevity of the project. Spending a little more money up front on quality hardwood will ensure the project withstands the test of time.