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Book Lover? You Need a Custom Storage Solution

November 11, 2022

Book Lover? You Need a Custom Storage Solution

Do you dream about building your own little (or big!) personal library? If so, a built-in, custom bookcase is what you need. Bookcases provide great storage and eliminate the need for other bulky storage solutions. Even if you don’t want to showcase books, a custom bookcase brings a practical elegance to any room. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Set up a reading nook near your bookcase: Take your favorite comfy chair and create a little spot to read right by all your books. Add a small table with a good light to complete your perfect little sanctuary.
  2. Go for a low, easy-access option: If you need desk space or a work area, building in low bookcases provides a great storage option while also giving you the versatility of some counterspace. This is especially lovely in smaller rooms where a giant bookcase may be too bulky.
  3. Separate your items into niches: If you have several interests in addition to books to store and display, choose a specific spot for each category. For example, one shelf could house vinyl records, the next has books, another one for a mini-bar, and another for photo books and memories.
  4. Fill a corner: A corner shelf can be eye catching and creates good storage space while not filling an entire room. You can create a precise corner piece to house your very favorite literature pieces to make it purposeful and functional.
  5. Floor to ceiling: A grand bookcase that takes a full wall, floor to ceiling, is such a cool element in a room. Style it up with a beautiful ladder so you can access every book you have stored, which is not only practical but looks awesome too.
  6. Store room-specific items: If you want a custom bookcase for somewhere other than a study or office, consider storing room-specific items. For example, if that bookcase is in a kitchen or dining room, think about items like cookbooks, framed family recipes, fine china, and tablecloths. If you want a bookcase in a living room, you can add some games, blankets, or electronic devices in addition to your books.
  7. Add some cabinets or drawers: Some of us like to hide a few things that may make the bookcase look too busy. Consider adding some doors or drawers to the bottom portion of the bookcase to hide certain items that may otherwise clutter it up.
  8. Build around a window or entryway: Bookcases don’t have to be a single rectangle. Surround a window and create a little bench underneath, or frame doorways and entryways with shelving and cabinets to create an artistic vibe that will be stunning.
  9. Built-in cubbies under the stairs: The area under staircases can sometimes be used as a great storage spot. Customize cubby-style bookcases to create visual interest and utilize a space that would otherwise just be wasted.

Bookcases can be customized to fit virtually any space. Booklovers deserve a special home for their treasures, but bookcases can be used for any storage need. Think outside the box to decide what to store and show in that box.