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Woodworking Trends Shift to Eco-Conscious Materials

December 11, 2022

Woodworking Trends

Trends come and go each year, but one trend that likely won’t (and shouldn’t!) go out of style is being eco-conscious with material sourcing. As we continue to learn about our impact on the earth, it’s important to shift our decisions to more eco-friendly and sustainable choices wherever we can. If this is something that is important to you, and you’re looking to build a home or remodel, this is the blog for you. Here are some great ways to lessen the impact as you begin your project.

  1. Source from local or independent sawmills if possible. As with most products, choosing local is always a good way to go. It cuts down on transportation impacts, supports the local economy, and builds trust in the community. Bring in a more personal and purposeful touch with local sourcing.
  2. Salvage wood from arborists or other woodworkers. Reclaimed wood has been a popular trend for a while now, and it delivers a cool look with tons of character. Salvaging wood products will reduce impacts of deforestation, keeps valuable resources from being thrown away, and can be a profitable investment, especially if you have a unique item. Because it’s aged and has a story from a long life, it can provide a meaningful emotional attachment to this special something added to your home.
  3. Look for recycled options. Similar to using reclaimed wood or salvaging wood products, consider choosing recycled items wherever you can. From recycled steel to glass tiles to reclaimed wood countertops and mantles, there are plenty of choices out there. Working with a professional in the industry can help to make sure you have access to all the options available.
  4. Implement reusable products. Products that can be reused are a wise choice today, too. Bamboo is a good material that is widely used and available. When it’s time for demo, consider deconstructing rather than demolishing and try to sell, give away, or reuse these items to give products additional life.
  5. Choose energy efficient products. This may not pertain to your wood items in your home, but when it’s time to finalize your kitchen or bathroom with appliances, heaters, windows, and more, consider choosing energy efficient products. It may cost a little more upfront, but over time, your energy consumption will be minimized, and your bank account will notice the savings.

Remodeling or building is an exciting time, and we know there is a lot you already have to consider. The design process can be stressful and making sure everything functions and flows while also looking beautiful can sometimes feel daunting. Surrounding yourself with a professional and knowledgeable team will make the process smooth and enjoyable. You can implement your priorities with confidence when choosing Swirl Woodcraft for your project. We’re conscious of what materials we use and are dedicated in our work so you can be assured you get the highest quality service that meets your demands and interests. Don’t settle for less when it comes to the home of your dreams.