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Build the Garage of Your Dreams

April 11, 2023

Build the Garage of Your Dreams

A well-designed, functional, and organized garage should “spark joy,” in the words of Marie Kondo. You don’t even have to minimize like Kondo would suggest—with the right storage solutions, you can keep everything you love! The garage is often an overlooked space, but those who’ve invested in a garage upgrade say they never regretted it. Get the most out of this multipurpose space by customizing it for your needs.

The Benefits of Custom Cabinets in a Garage

Custom cabinetry in a garage is a huge benefit because it is designed to perfectly fit your space while also allowing room for your vehicles and a workspace. You can customize depth, height, width, and everything in between. Add some cool features to built-in cabinets, such as a sink or wash station, workbench, power bars with charging ports, heavy-duty backsplashes, TV enclosures, special lighting, specific drawers and cubbies, and much more.

Begin with the Floor

Start your garage project at the base. There are many options for garage floors that look great and are durable. Consider roll-out vinyl flooring, which is easy to install and replace and comes in numerous colors and patterns. Interlocking tiles made of heavy-duty vinyl or rubber is another popular choice, and they provide stability while hiding surface-level cracks with any pattern you choose. An epoxy floor is a durable paint option that looks great and is easy to clean and maintain. Another option is to carpet the floor, which sounds crazy, but with TuffCarpet, you get a durable and flexible option that can be power-washed, resists staining, and holds up to the needs of a garage environment.

Utilize Your Space

Decide how you can maximize the use of floor space, the walls, and ceiling space. Measure the area and determine where cabinets would work best, where shelving or racking would be better, and if there are overhead storage solutions that could be applied. A lot of garages work best with a mixture of products from pegboards, sturdy shelving, drawers and cabinetry, and a working surface. Because a garage space will likely see heavy use, cabinetry and shelving should be carefully installed to ensure safety and durability.

Consider the pros and cons of metal cabinets versus wood cabinets and opt for some plastic options for lighter items that can’t handle water exposure. Metal cabinetry is great for fluids such as oil and gas and for storing power tools. Wood cabinetry looks beautiful and is easier to customize and install, making it a practical choice for any garage. Combining materials is a wise option but consider hiring a professional so that it doesn’t look pieced together or disordered.

Whether you’re a serious mechanic or simply need a space to store your holiday decorations, a well-designed garage makes life easier. You’ll get any job done faster with an organized garage, plus it will look great for many years! If you need help customizing the perfect storage solution for your garage, get in touch with Swirl Woodcraft’s professionals to customize an approach.