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Clever Storage Suggestions

May 11, 2023

Clever Storage Suggestions

Even the most customized, high-end cabinets can be problematic if they’re not organized in a way that fits your needs. Well-designed spaces, no matter how big or small, will minimize frustration and maximize enjoyment when using these areas. Here are a few storage solutions to consider when designing your dream home.

  • Pull out storage in cabinets – For large cabinet boxes, consider getting heavy duty pull-out draw inserts so you can break it up into whatever segments you’d like. These allow for large and small items to be stored together and creates the option for even further customization for each cabinet.
  • Corner cabinet options – These cabinets are tough. A popular option is the lazy susan style, and today there are many dividers created especially for these tricky areas. You can also make a custom angled drawer to maximize space or install swinging pullout shelves for easier access.
  • Appliance garages – If you love your appliances but not the look, consider an appliance garage to hide them away while also keeping the close. Install an outlet in this area so you don’t have to remove the appliance each time you use it.
  • Custom cabinets for narrow spaces – For narrow spaces, such as between the fridge and counter or by the washer in the laundry room, a customized, wheeled skinny cabinet can hold more than you may think. If the gap is large enough for a cleaning bottle or your spices, this may be a good option. Simply pull it out to access your products and hide it all away easily.
  • Under the sink – This area often becomes a catch-all for random items. It’s not long before the space is cluttered, making it hard to find anything you need. Tiered shelving, a small pull-out drawer caddy, or over-the-door bins are all great ways to keep bottles, towels, cleaning products, etc. neat and tidy in this odd space.
  • Shelf maximizers – Many of us try to utilize our cabinets just how they are, but with shelf maximizers, you open up many more options. Not only can you adjust the shelving heights within the cabinet, but you can add maximizers throughout as well. Use shelf dividers, hanging racks, mini lazy susans, or vertical tray sorters for spices, dishes, teacups, Tupperware sorting, and more.
  • A well-designed pantry – Pantries get clogged with stuff very quickly. Create purposeful places for certain items and try to keep things where they belong. Even if you have a butler pantry to walk in option with plenty of space, you’ll still need a place for everything so everything can go in its place. Dedicated zones are a great way to start, and try to group like products together.
  • Open shelving – If you have some beautiful kitchenware or dishes and want to show them off, maximize vertical space with some open shelves that are both modern and practical. With open shelving, your favorite loved items are easy to access, too.

Storage and organization options are endless, and one solution doesn’t work for everyone. Consider your methods and work around those rather than trying to work within a cookie-cutter system. For help designing and implementing a custom solution for you, contact Swirl Woodcraft.