Cabinet Styles

Cabinet Styles

Cabinet Styles

When there are so many options out there, it’s difficult to narrow down what exactly you want. Here is a quick guide to cabinet styles to help you on your decision-making journey:

Contemporary: If you’re going for a modern, sleek look, this is for you. These cabinets are typically marked with their completely flat, no-hardware, and shiny finish. Contemporary cabinets come in a wide range of materials and colors and make for a polished and clean look.

Shaker: This style dates back to the 18th century, so you know it’s a timeless design. They have a four-panel square frame with an inset flat panel. The detail is minimal and symmetrical without any carvings or embellishments. Shaker style is popular because it’s very versatile and looks great in practically any design.

Flat Panel: Mid-century modern is a fashionable choice, and while flat panel cabinets are beautiful in many different designs, they especially show well in the mid-century modern room. These cabinets are similar in look to contemporary style, but they’re more budget friendly, streamlined, and easy to maintain.

Traditional: Raised panels with beadbord detailing is common in a tradition cabinetry design. Neutral colors or dark woods are also a beautiful way to finish off a traditional room. These rooms feel formal but also inviting, comfortable but also classy.

Louvered: These cabinets are made with horizontal wood slats on the doors. Their textured design creates visual appeal, but the slats are meant for a practical use as well: ventilation. This style is also great for storing things like potatoes, garlic, and onions. But don’t feel like you have to make a mini pantry with this design—the style is beautiful simply for its looks.

Glass Front: If you choose glass front cabinets, you’ll likely want to pair them with other solid-door cabinets. These are gorgeous when used in moderation to showcase certain items in your home such as fine china, vintage or heirloom pieces, collectables, or pretty cookbooks you’ve acquired over the years. You can add lighting inside the cabinet to really bring out what you’re trying to highlight.

Rustic: The main component of this style is the attention pulled to the qualities of the raw wood. For a true farmhouse or mountain home feel, go for a rustic country vibe with distressed looks and lack of ornamentation. For a more urban feel, opt for floor-to-ceiling cabinets with dark stains or mix wood finishes for balance.

Open Shelving: The visual appeal and warmth of open cabinetry only works if you’re the type of person that keeps clutter at bay. Open shelving can look stunning if you utilize the space in a practical yet still eye-catching way. You’ll also want to keep on top of dusting and cleaning these shelves, but most people with open shelving think they’re so pretty, it’s worth it.

Mix it Up: Don’t be afraid to bring a couple styles together. Mixing shaker cabinets with open shelving is a great start. Or pair rustic cabinets with a contemporary style to bring an eclectic interest to your space. If you want to try mixing styles but you’re nervous, our design team can help you create the space of your dreams with confidence.

Avoid These Common Cabinetry Mistakes

Remodeling your home is a big deal, and you want to make the right choices for long-term enjoyment of your space. Whether you’re starting a massive addition project or tackling a small upgrade, a little planning will ensure the end product is exactly what you want. Get started on the right track by addressing these important items:

  1. Measure correctly: Too often a project is delayed because of inaccurate measurements. You’ve heard the phrase “measure twice, cut once” and this applies to every home project, even if you’re not cutting something. Measure and measure again. Make sure you have the exact measurements from ceiling height, wall-to-wall length, cabinet spacing, window and doorway sizes, etc. before you start your project.
  2. Assess and reassess your design: The layout of your design can make or break your space. Style and aesthetics should be paired carefully with a functional design. Even if you are DIYing, get professional guidance on the layout and design to make sure your space will be efficient as well as beautiful.
  3. Consider the appliances: Whether you’re buying new or reinstalling your current appliances, make sure you measure exactly how big they are. Don’t forget to add correct space for wiring or tubing, such as dryer vents or dishwasher hoses.
  4. Inspect materials as soon as they arrive: Remodeling projects can get even the most patient person frustrated. Avoid reorder delays by checking your materials immediately. If someone else is doing the install, this is even more important because you don’t want to come home to see they’ve installed the wrong or damaged items.
  5. Put lighting on the top of your list: Lighting is extremely important to the design of your space. Before you get too far, decide if you want under-cabinet lighting, recessed lights, track lighting, or pendants, and budget for these lights upfront. Lighting is often more expensive than one thinks.
  6. Pay attention to hardware: Hardware is often considered a quick cosmetic finishing touch, but this isn’t the case. There are lots of options to choose from and you want to be sure it complements your style and design as well as provides the function you need. Be sure to count out exactly how many you need so you’re not running back and forth to the store during the installation process.
  7. Be careful about installing yourself: In general, cabinetry installation should be at least a two-person job. Not only can something go wrong with the placement, but you can also injure yourself in the process. Nothing is worth sacrificing safety. Be sure to get the help you need when installing heavy items.
  8. Pay special attention to leveling and alignment: Cabinets and countertops that are even the slightest bit unleveled can be a problem. Issues such as visible crooked placement to cracking from uneven pressure are common if special care isn’t taken to ensure everything is leveled.

When it comes to remodeling a major asset, it’s important to do it right. High quality work will always be in fashion. For all your home remodeling and upgrade needs, Swirl Woodcraft is eager to provide exceptional service.

4 Benefits of a Custom Closet

4 Benefits of a Custom Closet

4 Benefits of a Custom Closet

Have you ever spent a day reorganizing your closet just to feel like it still didn’t work for you? Rather than filling a bare nook with bins and baskets in an attempt to utilize the space, create a closet that truly functions for your needs. Closet spaces are often an afterthought because they’re hidden away, and they quickly become dumping grounds for all our stuff, but there are lots of reasons to avoid this habit and work at organizing these spaces. Here are four reasons to bring a customized closet to the top of your list.

Save Money on Clothes

With an organized closet, you can effectively see what clothes you have rather than digging around for options. The ability to see what you own you minimizes the number of items you probably don’t need. Sometimes we may rebuy something we already have because we simply can’t find it. Save money by having a well-designed space that makes it clear where each item is. And, when you opt for high-end woodworking, you’re guaranteed a product that’s flawless, ensuring no items get scratched or torn by poor quality workmanship such as rough edges or protruding nails and screws.

Clearing Clutter is Good for Your Mind

We know it sounds cliché, but it’s true. A cluttered space can be very taxing on our mental health. A clear and organized closet will help you feel better. Choosing your clothes each day becomes easier and more rewarding rather than frustrating and time consuming. A custom closet brings a better energetic flow to your daily functions and will alleviate stress. It’s a lot easier and more fun to keep well-planned space organized rather than having the taxing project of trying to force a poor design to work.

Add Storage Space

Creating a functional closet space will provide more storage in the right ways. Often, you can bring in other items into that space which will carry over organization to other areas of your home. Customize hallway closets, bedroom closets, coat closets, pantries, and more. There are myriad options for structuring the spaces to maximize storage. Every home is unique, every family is unique—your storage space needs to match your lifestyle and demands. Homes are typically built with generic closet spaces so that you can customize it after you move in. If you’re building, customize the closets from the get-go, and if you’re already in a home, it’s not too late.

Your Wardrobe will Look Better

An organized space keeps your clothes in ready-to-wear condition. No wrinkled shirts from being shoved in a drawer, no scuffed shoes from being tossed in a basket, no ripped sweaters from snags from poor shelf quality. It feels great to know what you have to wear the minute you walk into your closet.

At Swirl Woodcraft, we have customized hundreds of closets and have executed numerous design options. We can help you in deciding the best features for you. With our customized approach you can choose from many wood options, drawer sizes, shelf depths, specific shoe rack options … anything you can think of.

Cabinet Trends for 2022

Cabinet Trends for 2022

Cabinet Trends for 2022

When it comes to personalizing your home, you have a plethora of choices. So many that it can get daunting and overwhelming quickly. Swirl Woodcraft has an impressive showroom full of ideas, and our knowledgeable staff is always willing to help with questions to help you narrow down your options and get what you truly want. Before you get too deep in the planning stages, here are some of this year’s top cabinetry/design trends to consider:

Muted Greens

Painted cabinets have been a trend for a while, and we don’t see it going out of style soon. Muted green is very popular this year because it plays well with neutrals and bold colors alike. There is an airiness with these delicate shades that brings a charming feel to any kitchen or bathroom cabinetry. Pair this color with a marble countertop and gold or brass fixtures to finish off the look with elegance.

Bold Colors

This one’s a little opposite than the above option, but bold colors are also on the rise. If you’re brave, you may want to try out a two-tone look and opt for black cabinets on an island and white up above. For a true statement piece, surround the black cabinets with a waterfall countertop. Bold colors look great in high tech kitchens and modern homes, but with the right designer at your side, they can look great in any style home.

Wood Grains

Although painted cabinets are still huge, we’re seeing a comeback with the classic wood grains. Coffee tones are the idea, with bold and rich stains at the forefront. It’s eye catching to pair some wood grains with painted cabinets to get them to stand out, creating purposeful accents throughout your kitchen or bathroom. If your kitchen is large enough, going for three shades works well, and whites, muted tones, and a wood grain is a gorgeous combination.


White will always be classic, but the full stark white kitchens are not the hot trend this year. For 2022, white is looking softer and creamier. Pairing the softer whites with neutral tones and natural design elements is more the idea. If you’ve already invested in the all-white kitchen trend, don’t get discouraged. The white will remain gorgeous while you pepper in some accent pieces and textures throughout to add visual appeal.

From Minimal to Maximal

This year, get brave. From two-tones to patterns to kitschy antiques, home décor is going big. Make a statement by bringing in whatever you love and don’t be afraid to pair different materials and elements. For example, natural wood paired with granite for countertops is a sophisticated look, and layering elements like lighting, patterns, and textures is another great option. Mixing and pairing can get tricky, even if it’s a look you’re dying to try. A visit to our showroom will help get you on the right track, and a discussion with our design team will ensure you get the look you want while also making sure you’re sticking with basic design guidelines.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Tips

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Tips

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Tips

No matter how large or small a kitchen is, organization is key. Even if you have a professionally designed space, you will need to organize effectively so that your kitchen works for you rather than against you. Swirl Woodcraft is proud to provide a customized cabinetry approach for Utah homes and can make any dream a reality. After cabinets are installed, start using your kitchen wisely by organizing your space in a way that suits your needs.


You hear it all the time, but it’s really the best thing to do in the beginning. If you use lots of tools and love every one, by all means, keep them. If you have a butler’s pantry or a lovely hutch, or you opted for glass paned doors with lighting to showcase a few things, be choosy about what you want showing. These areas can quickly feel cluttered and overwhelming with too many pretty things. Narrow it down so it looks stylistically organized.

Use Turntables and Lazy Suzans

These bad boys are a storage secret weapon. They’re so popular and useful that you can find them in practically any shape and size and in two or three tiers. They can be useful in drawers, cabinets, fridges, and pantries. If you cook a lot, you probably have a lot of spices—these work really well for small spice bottles and oils/sauces.

Use Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers used to be reserved for cutlery only but with all the new easy-to-find sizes, you can think outside the box. Use varying sized dividers in junk drawers to keep things from piling up and to sort small items like batteries, paper clips, or business cards. Store utensils and kitchen gadgets with multiple dividers to keep everything in place. Baggies, saran wrap, and tin foil are also good items to store with dividers to keep it tidy.

Use Hooks to Hang Mugs

Open cabinets will remain popular for probably forever. If you have open cabinets, this idea looks great added to it. If you don’t like the open cabinet look, this idea is a great way to add the modern and trendy touch without going all in. Line the bottom of cabinets with nice hooks and display your favorite mugs on them for a fun look that saves cabinet space for other items you don’t want seen.

Store Large, Flat Items Vertically

Platters, cookie sheets, and cutting boards are hard to access when they’re all stacked together. Plus, fragile platters can get scratched or chipped when items are placed on top of them. Cutting board organizers are found in most home goods stores and are a great way to organize items that would otherwise fill up a lot of horizontal space.

Store Like with Like

Storing similar items together looks good and is practical. If you have baking items in one spot, it’s easy to know where to put the sprinkles back when you’re done. And put some labels on those containers, even if they’re clear.  Categorizing and labeling just makes the space feel calmer.

Organizing is an individual process, and not every solution will fit every lifestyle. What are your favorite ways to stay organized? Can you implement those methods into your kitchen?

Gift a Beautiful Hutch This Christmas

Gift a Beautiful Hutch This Christmas

Gift a Beautiful Hutch This Christmas

Hutches may sound like an old-fashioned furniture piece, but this is far from the truth. From luxurious wine displays to a delightful coffee station to displaying priceless collectibles, a custom hutch can be useful for endless possibilities. A hutch can fit into any style. Modern hutches with straight, clean lines fit well into a contemporary look, no matter the wood, stain or color choice. Traditional styles can be achieved by choosing a design that combines comfort and order and matches well with your other pieces to create the harmony that’s the staple of traditional décor. Rustic farmhouse is a popular style tend that won’t be going away any time soon. A painted and distressed hutch with beautiful curves fits really well into this style. Whatever your design style is, a hutch is a sophisticated and attractive addition to any space—big or small. A high-quality hutch can be built into any nook or cranny, or you can design a one-of-a-kind furniture piece worthy of handing down to the next generation. As a Christmas gift, it’s truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Style and Use of a Hutch

Whether your hutch will be used daily or as a display to store heirlooms or collectibles, styling it should be fun and unique to you. In the kitchen or dining area, it’s common to put fine china on display. You can stack dishes and cups to add visual appeal, and don’t forget to add some special décor items in there to mix it up, such as flowers or plants, candles, or family recipes and pictures. Hutches look amazing with draping garlands and village scenes during the holidays. Also popular in the kitchen is making a hutch into a coffee or hot cocoa station. Display your favorite mugs and treats to create a homey and welcoming feel during the chilly months. Hutches are not just for fine china that’s used twice per year, your daily dishes need a spot, too. Mix it up and draw some artistic flare to your kitchen with a variety of colors and shapes on the hutch.

Hutches are also beautiful areas to display collectibles in living rooms or libraries. We’ve seen our custom pieces used by record collectors showcasing their many albums and vintage record players, bibliophiles showcasing their favorite novels and stories, the grandmother who loves to show off their adorable grandchildren, the collector who hosts a house full of unique, priceless treasures, and so much more. Your imagination is the only limit to what a beautiful hutch can do for your space. We can add lighting inside to highlight special items, glass windows to protect pieces but also make it easy to display, or large drawers and cabinets to easily store some things out of site.

Don’t turn down a hutch because you think they’re out of fashion. Hutches are wildly useful in whatever way suits you. Make an otherwise boring storage solution a beautiful and useful one by creating the hutch of your dreams today.

Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls

Doesn’t it feel wonderful at Christmas time to get nestled under a blanket with a hot cup of cocoa while looking at a beautifully decorated mantel with a warm, glowing fire in the fireplace? Stockings are hung by the chimney with care, but that’s only a small piece of bringing the holiday spirit into your home. Fireplace mantel decoration has been a long-time tradition for many homes throughout the world. Spruce up that fireplace today with a gorgeous hand-carved mantel that suits all your style needs. And here are some great decorating ideas to consider for that new mantel:


We’ve gotten real creative with garlands over the years. From bold, pine-scented greenery to colorful felt balls to rustic and natural wooded beads, the options are limitless. Pair any of these together and with some LED lights to really bring in the sparkle of the season.

Mini Villages

Miniature villages aren’t just for your grandmother anymore. There are so many options for winter village scenes. Wooden Scandinavian-themed villages are very popular with rustic, modern styles. Ceramic and aluminum houses are also a hit for displaying those themed towns. Traditional village scenery will never go out of style, and it can be fun to start a small village and add one piece every year as a new family tradition. If you’re the crafting type, a DIY village of painted carboard or gingerbread can be a fun and unique addition to your mantel.


A newer trend we are seeing a lot of this year is placing varying box sizes with coordinating wrapping and ribbons along fireplace mantels. Go for a bold, monochromatic look or a playful mix of patterns and styles to bring in your unique tastes. Add in some candles or a garland and you’ll have a finished look in no time.


Faux or real antlers can look great above a mantel, and not just for the holidays. For a modern look, you can paint them white and leave the décor minimal to draw attention to the simple style choice. It’s also fun to play it up a bit and sting lights or garlands along the antlers, or even display all the holiday cards you receive throughout the antlers. Think about a large mirror behind the antlers to create an artful masterpiece.

Traditional Décor

Pairing traditional items like nutcrackers, an advent calendar, wreaths with ribbons, mini trees and ornaments, and some holiday wording or pictures tops off a mantel piece beautifully in any home. Pinecones and glowing lights create a warmth throughout the whole room.

As with any décor, a beautiful foundation is needed to bring out all the style and sophistication your room deserves. Mantels may get special attention during the holidays, but they are the focal point of your room all year round. It’s very easy to change the appeal of your room with your designs around the mantel, so take some time first to consider your mantel piece. With a custom, high-quality design, you will get a product that will last as long as you want with the ability to easily update as trends come and go.

Read This Before You List

Read This Before You List

Read This Before You List
The Utah housing market has been wildly active recently. It’s certainly been a seller’s market, but that doesn’t mean buyers should just take whatever they can get. Many experienced agents have walked buyers through hundreds, if not thousands, of homes across the Wasatch Front and they’ve met with lots of people eager to sell in this lucrative market. Most agents can tell very quickly once they’ve entered a home if the craftsmanship is quality or sub-par. A DIY home rarely brings in the highest offer. If your house needs some work and you’re planning on putting it on the market at some point, invest your money and time where it matters most. Most agents agree on where good returns on investment likely lies when it comes to home remodels and repairs: first in kitchen upgrades, next in master suite remodels, and then in finishing touches that stand out. Other strong areas include a functional layout, good organization solutions, and curb appeal. When it comes to layout, you may not be able to change that much of the core of your home, but the correct placement of furniture and method of organization can transform any room.

Picture This

Customizing a room, even in small ways, to fit its function will not go unnoticed. A small room can still be an incredible space when planned well. Consider built-in storage units or bookcases to maximize wall space while also offering a very high-end feel. Customize a closet or a mud room with efficient shelving and drawer systems to hide away clutter in a clean and effective way. Or create an amazing entertainment center for all your electronics to be stored neatly. Floor-to-ceiling shelving can look elegant and timeless, pulling a room together no matter the size or need. One feature we’ve heard that stands out during showings is built-in bookcases with beautiful crown molding showcasing a person’s mini library. It’s like adding a purposeful, eye-catching picture frame to your library artwork.

Function Shouldn’t Sacrifice Beauty

When it comes to kitchens, function is top priority. After all, what good is a gorgeous kitchen if everything is set up inconveniently? You don’t want to just love the look of your kitchen, you want to love to cook in it, too. It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and that seems to be true for most families in Utah. Agents tell us that a great kitchen is typically a top priority for buyers on the hunt for their next investment. Often, if the kitchen looks inefficient on the MLS, the house may be cut from the showings list. Bathrooms are a close second to kitchens. If a home has nicely remodeled bathrooms, it’s often added to the top of the “to-see” list for buyers. Bathrooms need to be comfortable, with even a few small, customized touches creating an amazing feel.

These investments may be worth it for listing your home, but it’s also important that you love your home, too. We often see people wait until listing time to upgrade their home, but with Swirl Woodcraft, you can customize it now and enjoy it for yourself as well.

Building a Bathroom Oasis

Building a Bathroom Oasis

Building a Bathroom Oasis
You’ve probably scoured Pinterest for bathroom ideas and have been bombarded with numerous options for layouts and finishes. If you want that Pinterest-worthy bathroom, we have some great tips for you to consider.


For a true spa-like feel, you’ll want to keep colors calm and subtle. Warm neutrals are ideal, keeping your scheme between three to five different shades maximum. If you’re going for peaceful, tranquil blues or earthy greens are great choices paired with creamy or antique whites. Neutral tones are also popular because you can pair them with just about any accessory or artwork you’re drawn to bring into the space.


When you picture a luxurious, serene bathroom, elements of nature usually come to mind. Faux wood tiles are popular because you get the warm look of wood with the durability of porcelain or ceramic, meaning they’ll resist mildew and moisture common in a bathroom setting. Pebbled tiles are a great combination with faux wood tiles in a luxury bathroom. Go the extra step with under-floor heating so you never have cold feet after stepping out of the shower or a delicious hot bath. (Bonus tip: get a towel warmer for even more opulence!)


The right atmosphere is only complete with proper lighting. From makeup application to mood lighting for a soak in the tub to style preferences, lighting will always be crucial to pulling the whole aesthetic together. You can go for rope lighting around cabinetry or mirror areas, colored lights, traditional lighting, or a little of it all. Smart lights are a fresh choice as we become more reliant on tech conveniences, and you can choose energy-efficient options that are programmable for whatever your needs are in the moment.

Tubs and Showers

For a relaxing and rejuvenating bath, a soaker tub will hit the spot. Japanese soaking tubs feel almost like an indoor hot tub—they’re deeper than Western-style tubs and they vary in shapes and sizes to fit your space and desires. You can even go for a customized tub with a wooden frame and build in storage to look like a true piece of art that’s practical too. For showers, we say go big if you have the space. Walk-in showers with a bench and some built-in shelving will feel grand, especially if you add a fully glassed, frameless surround and door. Don’t forget a massaging shower head or rainfall shower heads to really feel fabulous and pampered.


Last, but not least, are your accessories. The little details polish off any look, and bathrooms are no exception. Hardware and faucets should be well thought out, but rugs, curtains, and towels are equally important for completing your bathroom oasis. Choose your artwork carefully and bring it all together with a solid idea plan.

Your bathroom can be a true oasis if you connect with a quality custom build company that will take your project from conception to completion with proper care and attention. At Swirl Woodcraft, we listen to your needs to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

The Choice is Yours at Swirl Woodcraft

The Choice is Yours at Swirl Woodcraft

The Choice is Yours at Swirl Woodcraft

When it comes to your home, your comfort is dependent on functionality as well as aesthetics. If your kitchen, bathroom, or entertainment area is beautiful but not practical, it’ll never work for you. When remodeling or building a home, think about how you use your common areas. For example, how do you cook, how do you access your tools, and how does your family gather? Do you like to display your fine china behind glass doors with bright lighting? Do you love your morning coffee routine so much that you’d like a full coffee bar? Do you hate your tools on your countertop and want to hide them in a butler’s pantry? For your bathroom, ask yourself how do I like to get ready in the morning? Do you like to put makeup on in the bathroom or in your bedroom? Do you need extra storage in a bathroom or is it set aside for solely relaxation? Details like these will determine if you love your space, so be sure to think about your routine and interests before deciding on layout and finishings. When it comes to the kitchen, it is often coined the heart of the home and with good reason.

Bathrooms need to be just as practical as kitchens, from the master suite’s to a small guest’s bathroom. Cabinetry should be efficient and attractive so getting ready in the morning is enjoyable. A vanity is often a priority in a master bath with good lighting and a spot to organize all your toiletries. Maybe you need storage in your master bath for towels, cleaning products, and more. Whether your master bathroom is large or small, it needs to be functional and beautiful.

When you opt for custom cabinets, you gain the benefit of picking the exact style that suits you, the color and finish of your choice, and any one-of-a-kind feature you’re thinking about. Shaker style cabinets are very popular with their clean straight lines allowing for any style of hardware to be added. Inset cabinet doors, which are inside the frame rather than the cabinet sitting outside, look gorgeous and unique but still timeless and classy. Floor to ceiling cabinets make a kitchen feel grand and gives you a lot of added storage space. Add a thick crown molding for added warmth and luxuriousness or a thin edge for a modern take. Custom cabinet makers pay attention to every little detail and you will definitely notice.

Custom cabinetry is not just about making your space more beautiful. Everything will last longer and work better. Your woodworker will ensure drawers slide smoothly, add dovetail joints to hold drawers firmly together, and takes extra time to make sure each piece fits perfectly in place and is useable for whatever your needs are. Woodworkers are not always designers, so it’s important to pay attention to the function and design of the area before hiring someone. This is where Swirl Woodcraft has the upper hand. With a huge showroom and designer help at the ready, you can dream up anything you want and we can help you make it a reality.